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The Bunyip Moon 'World' CD


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Melbourne based (via rural N.S.W.) trio The Bunyip Moon, and their brilliant and powerful second album, World.
CD in slimline DVD case with linen textured sleeve.

Former record of the week at Aquarius Records. Review excerpt:
"And we definitely traffic in hyperbole in our reviews, but believe us that nothing in this review is hyperbolic, this band, and this record is so goddamn good, their sound is exactly what we want to listen to, it's the sort of band we wish we played in, it's damn near perfect, warm and fuzzy, noisy and dreamy, the production is bizarre, but bizarrely perfect, it's druggy and psychedelic, and seriously heavy, twisted and experimental, laced with loops and bizarre effects, for every bit of distorto crunch, there's some super melodic jangle, more often then not, the two mashed together, there are long stretches of brooding moodiness, extended hypno-rock epics, short bursts of furious noise pop, and sprawling near-Godspeed slow builds, and even some gloomy almost new wave, and it all sounds so goddamn good."

Words from Boston Hassle:
"World is a showcase in the art of full-hearted contrast, crushing yet expansive – support this band and pray that they come to your area sometime soon."